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Ohio's Mohican State Park

Relax at the Mohican lodge and enjoy the amazing view of a wintry lake through two-story windows.
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The stone-and-wood lodge blends perfectly into the landscape above Pleasant Hill Lake on the north edge of the 850-acre state park (50 miles northeast of Columbus). Guests stay in 96 spacious rooms, with rough-hewn paneling, and pine ceilings the color of honey. From the balcony, you can survey the woods and ice-rimmed lake.

Families relax at the indoor pool, scurry on scavenger hunts, string cranberry-and-popcorn chains to feed birds and join a folk singer for rounds of holiday tunes.

Outdoors in the crisp air, paved walkways lead above the lake. Visitors also hike five miles of hushed trails near the park's north entrance as The Clear Fork branch of the Mohican River flows by.

When you stay at Mohican, you're just 10 miles east of sister state park Malabar Farm. Cross-country skiers (skis for rent) glide around this onetime country estate of Pulitzer-Prize winning author Louis Bromfield. You also can tour Bromfield's white colonial-style mansion, dazzling with holiday finery.

Early in the evenings, guests gather in the Mohican Lodge's rambling lobby. Under twinkling tree lights, you settle into hickory rockers before the fire. Daily specials at Bromfield's, the park's casual restaurant, make tempting distractions as you gaze at the wintry lake through windows two stories tall.

Mohican State Park

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