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Naples Spaghetti House

329 North St.
Steubenville  Ohio  43952
United States
(740) 283-3405
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    - Sarah Routh
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    - Sarah Routh

Midwest Living Review

Sarah Routh
Near the annual Dean Martin Festival, this spot serves typical Italian-American cuisine at modest prices.

Even if you never actually been to a spaghetti house, you'll notice there's something familiar about Naples Spaghetti House. That's because everything about it -- from the pasta dishes on the menu to the red carnations on the tables -- fits the old-school Italian restaurant stereotype. Remember the "Lady and the Tramp" romantic dinner scene? It could have happened here. The layout is composed of a series of narrow rooms, with wood paneled walls and low ceilings. The restaurant doesn't look like it's been updated since the 1970s, with older leather-and-laminate dinette combo table and chairs. Place mats are wax-paper maps of Italy. Overall, the feel is more dingy than kitschy. Naples serves the standard selection of pasta dishes topped with a choice of traditional sauces -- meat, marinara and alfredo -- along with some Italian meat and seafood dishes. The food is pretty straightforward both in taste and presentation. Portions are generous, and diners can easily count on leftovers. The pillowy-soft Italian bread served with each meal is a treat, even though it's pedigree feels more grocery-store than bakery. The wine selection is limited (no Italian wines!), and if you visit in the summer, expect all wine, even the reds, to be served cold. Pasta dishes start at $7 for a small serving. Expect to pay between $10 and $15 for your entree.Naples Spaghetti House is a Steubenville fixture and a must if you're in town for the Dean Martin Festival. If you are, multitask and visit it officially for dinner with Deana, otherwise a special trip to Naples Spaghetti House could end up being a disappointment.

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