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Markko Vineyard

4500 S. Ridge Rd.
Conneaut  Ohio  44030
United States
(440) 593-3197
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Midwest Living Review

Amber Matheson
Despite its diminutive tasting room and unassuming atmosphere, Markko Vineyard is a major player in the Ashtabula County wine scene.

Markko Winery owner Arnie Esterer is serious about growing grapes and making wine but not as concerned with keeping up fashionable appearances. His tasting room isn’t anything flashy; in fact, it’s easy to drive right on by the stone pillars marking the entrance thinking it’s someone’s house. The building is rough around the edges with puppies playing in the dirt-packed front yard and no parking lot.

A narrow hallway leads past the production area to a small room where one communal table takes up most of a space cluttered with dusty antiques. In spite of the lackluster decor, Markko is one of the most well-established and respected wineries in the area (other local vintners consider Arnie a mentor). The white wines we sampled were some of the best we found in the county. Even better, tastings are free, a refreshing rarity in this neck of the woods. Most bottles range between $20 and $35.

The tasting room closes at 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, around the time most other local wineries are just starting to tune up for live entertainment. Markko is definitely earthy, old-fashioned and low-key, geared toward visitors who care more about the wine than the trappings.

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