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Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island

Kings Island Drive
Mason  Ohio  45040
United States
(513) 754-5700
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Judi Ketteler
Short of a time machine, the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit that opened at Kings Island in 2011 is the closest to roaming among the dinosaurs you're going to get.

It's a separate admission cost, but if you're already planning to spend the day at Kings Island, the Dinosaurs Alive! area is worth it (especially if you have dino-loving kids in tow). The dinosaurs are animatronic, so parts of their bodies (like head, tail and arms/claws) move. And they roar, sometimes when you least expect it (there are sensors near the dinosaurs). To adults, the dinosaurs may have a rubbery look, but as we witnessed firsthand, for kids, it's a pretty real experience. The dinosaurs along the wooded, concrete path (which takes about 30 minutes at a leisurely pace, more if you read all of the signs) range in size from horse-size to the T. rex, which rivals the height of some of Kings Island's big roller coasters. Some of the information plaques near the dinosaurs have buttons you can push to make parts of their body move (a big hit with kids). There's also a dinosaur dig site, which teaches kids about dinosaur discovery and digging for dinosaur bones. The path is completely stroller and wheelchair accessible, so it's great for all ages. However, you might not want to bring your wee ones to the 3D movie. For kids under the age of 7 or 8, it's a bit violent (there are some scenes of dinosaurs hunting each other, but nothing too bloody). It's more informative than entertaining. The movie runs about 10 minutes. The combo ticket (for movie and path) is $7; separately, path admission is $5 and movie is $4. That's on top of Kings Island admission. You'll find the best deals online, but you can expect to pay about $30 per person, plus $12 to park.

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