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Olive: an Urban Dive

416 E. Third St.
Dayton  Ohio  45402
United States
(937) 222-3483
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Midwest Living Review

Amber Matheson
Fun with food goes hand-in-hand with farm-to-table freshness at this undive-y dive restaurant on the edge of downtown Dayton.

Old neon letters still proclaim Olive's ancestry as a Wympee Burger outpost, but they're just about the only vestiges of the past. Inside this compact vintage diner, a modern adherence to fresh, sustainable food is absolute. "We don't even own a can opener!" boasts a postcard. Small touches on the menu are equally cheeky, from the injunction on the burger list ("please order your cook temp responsibly, too rare is risky, too well done is a crime") to a section labeled "the lunchish side of brunch."

If you're fortunate enough to grab one of the 15 or so tables squeezed between the olive and orange walls, don't look for the typical range of drinks on the menu; here it's BYO beer, wine and diet sodas. You could opt for the iced tea, steeped in the sun on the patio out back, to pair with your gluten-free chickpea pizza or ahi tuna burger. And you should order the fried leeks, coated with a light batter and so perfectly salty yet sweet that it's impossible not to eat them all. Locals pack Olive for lunch, dinner and brunch all week long, so go early or late, or be prepared to wait.

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