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69 Mill St.
Columbus  Ohio  43230
United States
(614) 470-6990
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Midwest Living Review

Damaine Vonada
Zodiac is a fascinating, one-of-a-kind shop with an exceptional selection of astrology-related products.

Not many retail stores specialize in astrology, but fewer still offer as many products and services as Zodiac, a neat and pleasant shop in downtown Gahanna, Ohio. Inspired by her lifelong interest in astronomy and astrology, owner Jennifer Lopez has assembled an amazing array of tools intended to enhance the journey through life. When you enter the store, the first thing you'll notice is a wall illustrating the twelve signs of the zodiac. While the wall is great for getting a quick read (a Pisces is creative, Scorpios are perceptive) on your birth sign, you can also arrange for a personalized Birth Chart and Reading ($50) that will highlight the planets aligned on your birthday and how they influence you. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, Zodiac has walk-in Psychic Readings ($30 and up), and it even offers classes like Palm Reading, Numerology 101, Introduction to Tarot Cards, and Using Stones and Crystals for Health and Prosperity. Zodiac also carries an excellent selection of astrology-theme merchandise, including jewelry, books, tees and bumper stickers. You'll also find popular Nag Champa-brand incense as well as a wide variety of stones and crystals that sell for less than $4. Many people use stones to balance the body's seven chakras (energy centers in Hindu tradition), and Zodiac stocks everything from rose quartz, which is associated with the forces of love and friendship, to amethyst, which relates to the head and helps with wisdom.

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