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Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

248 S. 4th St.
Columbus  Ohio  43215
United States
(614) 824-4673

Midwest Living Review

Susan Pollack
Hot dogs take on global flavors at this lively, wallet-friendly downtown Columbus restaurant.

You'll never think of hot dogs in quite the same way after visiting this fun downtown Columbus restaurant, which offers 36 different styles of gourmet hot dogs, plus fun sides and desserts like baklava and fried leaks. Customers can pick from Vienna beef or Tofurkey hot dogs, which are served on steamed, poppy-seed buns. Things get interesting with the toppings. Choices include the yummy Sonoran, a bacon-wrapped hot dog with Mexican, burrito-style refried beans, salsa verde, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and chopped onion. Other styles include the West Virginia Slaw Dog, Puff the Magic Popper and Seoul Dog with Korean kim chee. The prices are wallet-friendly, with hot dogs priced at $3 and sides at $2. Most kids opt for the palace's spin on the traditional favorite--the Octodog. An octopus-shaped hotdog is served atop a mound of creamy macaroni and cheese. Drinks include frozen drinks and organic teas for the day crowd and draft beer and cocktails popular when the hipsters come out at night for comedy and karaoke events. The atmosphere is lively, with eye-popping graphics of rock stars and baseball legends on walls painted ketchup red and mustard yellow. Vintage lighting and displays of ceramic dogs show the owner has a sense of humor. Visit with change in your pocket to feed the downtown parking meters, and keep in mind that the restaurant's yellow awning is a bright spot in an area that is up-and-coming but not quite there yet.

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