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Coblentz Chocolate Company

4917 State Route 515
PO Box 86
Walnut Creek  Ohio  44687
United States
(330) 893-2995
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Midwest Living Review

Sarah Routh
With more than 114 varieties of chocolate confections, there's no better place to be when your afternoon sugar craving hits.

Everything about the Coblentz Chocolate Company has been carefully constructed to make you feel warm and cozy and in the mood to buy fancy and fanciful candy treats for everyone you've ever met. With its clapboard siding, gingerbread trim, and wide front porch (with plenty of post-sugar high seating), the building looks more like a house than a storefront. Inside, honey-colored floors ,shabby-chic shelving and neatly-papered walls help it feel more like a home than a candy store. But just to prove you really are at a confectioners, head to the back of the store where there is a viewing gallery overlooking the chocolatier's work area. Coblentz sells every kind of chocolate novelty you can imagine (high heels, animal lollipops, chocolate letters) and lots of other gifty stuff too (the kind that makes you want to think-up people to buy souvenirs for). That's the spell that Coblentz casts on you. Mix that with a sugar-high, which is easy to get when nobody's counting the free samples, and you could get into some serious trouble here. If you have enough self-control, stick with the chocolates (a custom made 16 oz sampler box holds about 28 pieces for $15.) Use this rule of thumb when filling your box: if it sounds good, it is. Coblentz is closed on Sundays and open later in the summer (hours are posted online).You can try some of the chocolate before you buy it. There's a daily sample and you can taste anything else (this isn't advertised but the staff will happily indulge your curiosity). Summer visitors should bring a cooler for the trip home.

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