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A Christmas Story House and Museum

3159 W. 11th St.
Cleveland  Ohio  44109
United States
1103 Rowley Ave.
Cleveland  Ohio  44109
United States
(216) 298-4919

Midwest Living Review

The modern Christmas movie classic "A Christmas Story" comes to life in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood.

Since opening in 2006, more than 193,000 fans and road-trippers have flocked to the house where Ralphie spent his days scheming for a Red Ryder BB Gun in “A Christmas Story.”

The interior isn’t the real deal (those scenes were shot on a sound stage in Toronto), but the house has been painstakingly restored to match that set. Every detail, including the Major Award leg lamp, the Lifebuoy Soap in the bathroom and the Christmas turkey in the kitchen, has been faithfully re-created. Visitors are welcome to sit on the furniture, touch the accessories and try on any of the costumes. It’s hard to resist donning the pink bunny suit or taking a pretend shot at Black Bart with a Red Ryder BB Gun, and it’s not unusual to see visitors crawl under the sink to test out Randy's favorite hiding spot. Photos are encouraged and tour guides will happily snap your group shot, but video is not allowed.

The house, a nearby museum featuring actual movie props, and a gift shop are open Thursday through Sunday year-round. Tours depart every 30 minutes; it usually doesn’t take more than an hour to hit all three spots except maybe during the holidays when crowds can be heavier. Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for kids ages 6 to 12, and $8 for seniors. Skip the $5 parking lot near the house and snag a free spot on the street.

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