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Tommy's Coventry

1824 Coventry Rd.
Cleveland  Ohio  44118
United States
(216) 321-7757
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Sarah Routh
Cleveland's original hippie hangout is known for veggies, but this burger gives meat-eaters something to crave.

Tommy's has been one of the anchor establishments of the Coventry area (in Cleveland Heights) since 1972. This bohemian neighborhood is Cleveland's answer to San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury. Tommy's is known for its fresh ingredients, its delicious and substantial vegan and vegetarian fare, and some of the best milk shakes anywhere. Tommy's has a huge menu, some meat included, and many of the dishes are named for the restaurant's longtime customers. The Curtburger ($7.99) is a marquise burger, with cheddar, grilled onions, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. The onions are melted into the cheese, instead of just laid on top. We ordered our burger cooked medium and were disappointed to find no pink in the center (although it was moderately juicy). Overcooked meat might just be the fallout of a place that specializes in meat-free dishes. This isn't the best burger you'll ever have, but if protein is a must, this will more than do the trick. Fries don't come with the burgers, but they're well worth the $3.50 it costs to add them on. You get a platter, more than enough to feed two or three. They're thick, hand-cut and perfectly crispy with just a little bit of skin left on. They're not salted, so if you're carrying out, make sure you have a seasoning plan. The milk shakes at Tommy's are legendary. The 20-ounce shakes are crafted in a traditional soda fountain machine and served in the big metal cups they're mixed in. If you go -- and you should -- consider that Tommy's is almost always crowded, and the wait for a table, especially for large parties, can be long and frustrating. Make sure to look for a clipboard on the dairy counter and sign yourself in.

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