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Dim and Den Sum

Cleveland  Ohio  44113
United States
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Sarah Routh
Cleveland's original food truck serves truly satisfying comfort food with an Asian twist that has devoted fans happily braving long waits for another taste.

D&D is just a couple of years old. But in that time it has built such a fierce following that many fans happily call themselves D&D "stalkers!" It's not just a favorite in Cleveland, either; D&D has built a national following as a Food Network feature. This truck serves comfort food with an Asian twist -- overstuffed sandwiches with bold flavors, handmade tacos and chilled noodles are staples. Whatever you get, the portions will be huge (can you really pocket leftovers?), but nothing will cost you more than $9. Nothing on the menu is as simple as it seems and as good as everything looks, most things taste even better. The PBLT ($7) is the perfect marriage of juicy pork, bacon and subtle Thai spice. The tacos ($6) are good, too, but the only thing traditional about them is the soft shell. D&D serves the lunch crowd at different locations throughout the week and then hits the farmers markets and festival scene on the weekends. The menu changes weekly (you can preview it on the website), and if there's something you have to have, get there (really) early, because they will run out of it, which we find a little annoying (but not enough to make us give up on it). Expect to wait as much as 20 minutes to place your order and again briefly to pick up your food. You'll find it's worth the wait.

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