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AMP 150

4277 W. 150th St.
Cleveland  Ohio  44135
United States
(216) 706-8787
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Kendra Williams
Opened in 2010, this superb small-plates restaurant grows its veggies out back and breaks the usual hotel-restaurant mold.

We'd heard in 2010 that small plates were passe, but the young chef behind AMP 150 never got that message, and we're glad. Everything about this open-space hotel lobby restaurant invites sharing, and at these prices ($4-$10 for appetizers, $9$19 for big plates like steaks, arctic char and burgers), you can afford to try a handful of excellent options. Our fall visit celebrated flavors that flourish at that time of year. A golden Hubbard squash soup came topped with a house-made five-spice marshmallow and drizzled with pumpkin oil ($5). The pumpkin panzanella salad would turn any salad hater into a believer; the finely chopped arugula mixed cubed pumpkin brioche with roast pumpkin and diced apples ($7). A house-made mushroom pappardelle arrived bathed in a heavenly mushroom broth spiked with braised pork, Killbuck Valley mushrooms and a hint of Gruyere ($9). And the char-grilled hamburger arrived hot, juicy and with a buttery toasted bun ($9). For dessert: the Elvis, a fudgy chocolate brownie topped with slices of caramelized banana, peanut butter mousse and a bacon marshmallow ($6). If you're in the mood for a culinary adventure, your table can elect to try a four-course or six-course tasting menu ($30 and $45, respectively). Wines by the glass hail from around the world; dozens of locally bottled beers also stud the menu ($6.25 to $18.25 a bottle). A garden lining the back parking lot teems with rows of fresh-grown veggies labeled with cute chalkboards. Truly, AMP 150 (the name is a nod to Cleveland's rock heritage and stands for America's Modern Palate) is destination dining in a city with an already impressive list of places to try.

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