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Graeter's Ice Cream

511 Walnut St.
Cincinnati  Ohio  45202
United States
(513) 381-4191
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    - Amy Lynch
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    - Amy Lynch
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    - Amy Lynch
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Amy Lynch
Hard-core ice cream fans should not pass up the chance to taste-test the black raspberry chip at Graeter's, Cincinnati's hometown favorite.

A five-generation, family-owned Cincinnati business, Graeter's has been churning out batches of ice cream since 1870. What makes it so special is the French pot process, which produces just two gallons at a time for maximum quality control. Because this method doesn't whip large amounts of excess air into the ice cream, the result is a densely rich and creamy product. You can choose from 20 original and chip flavors (plus several sorbets), available in scoops, cones, sundaes and shakes. We love the signature black raspberry chip in a waffle cone. The ice cream is a shocking shade of purple, and the chocolate chips aren't really chips at all. They're chunks, made from liquid chocolate poured in as the batch of ice cream cools. A mixer breaks it up into randomly sized bits -- some of them big enough to really sink your teeth into. The chocolate somehow stays soft in the finished ice cream, not like the solidly frozen chocolate chips you risk breaking your teeth on in most store-bought brands. The waffle cone was crispy and obviously freshly made. All in all, delicious. Graeter's is famous for its ice cream, but it also sells an array of baked goods and a line of chocolates and candy. There's something here for every sweet tooth. Graeter's has shops throughout the Cincinnati area, and the ice cream can be found in supermarkets elsewhere around the Midwest.

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