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Chalet in the Valley Restaurant

5060 State Route 557
Millersburg  Ohio  44654
United States
(330) 893-2550
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    - Damaine Vonada
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    - Damaine Vonada

Midwest Living Review

From Swiss Miss-style uniforms to five types of schnitzel, this restaurant's unabashed Swiss pride is contagious.

With its front-gabled roof, eave brackets and other Alpine architectural motifs, Chalet in the Valley Restaurant makes clear the owners' love for all things Swiss. Inside, you half expect to hear the Swiss Miss-uniformed waitstaff break out in yodels. The menu acknowledges Amish favorites, such as chicken and mashed potato dinners ($10), but the house specialties are Swiss-Austrian. From the Tiroler Wurse Plate (knockwurst and bratwurst with kraut and German potato salad, $13) to the Jaeger Schnitzel (just one of five schnitzels on the menu) to a hearty helping of speatzle, it is clear the cooks know Swiss food. Add up the reasonable prices, friendly waitstaff and even a harpist providing live background music, and you have a welcome alternative to the area's typical Amish restaurants.

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