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27 N. Smith St.
Dellroy  Ohio  44620
United States
(330) 735-3304

Midwest Living Review

Sarah Routh
Casablanca serves an unexpected mix of Greek dishes and traditional steak house dishes.

Casablanca is a tiny restaurant operating out of the living room of a restored 1860s house on the edge of Atwood Lake. There are just three or four tables (depending on the configuration), so reservations are essential for the 6 or 8 p.m. seating times. Meals include some Greek specialty dishes and a small selection of American standards like steak, pork and chicken. The small menu and limited seating should make for personal service and excellent, freshly prepared seasonal favorites. And while the service was great -- the chef, Karen, does everything -- the food is inconsistent. Appetizers are the best bet. The authentic spanikopita and tiropita are great reminders that phyllo dough finger food can be delicious when done right. The stuffed mushrooms are simply decadent. The crab cakes, perfectly breaded and seasoned, are better than anything else and can be ordered as an entree.That would be our suggestion because entrees at Casablanca are somewhat disappointing. Canned ingredients are overused, and the cuts of meat aren't the quality you'd expect at a fine-dining restaurant, which is how Casablanca presents itself. Desserts are fair, but unremarkable. We expected that part of the fun at Casablanca would be personalized experience. Enjoying the eclectic decorations (Picasso prints and ethnic art) in the living room while watching the preparations in the kitchen sounds intriguing, but the experience borders on weird when you find yourself using the chef's boudoir for the bathroom. Entrees range from $16 to $30. You'll have to bring your own wine. It's cash or check only, but if you want, Karen will bill you. While the white tablecloths and formal place settings seem to suggest fine dining, you'd be comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt here.

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