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Thatsa Wrapp

600 6th St. NW
Canton  Ohio  44707
United States
(330) 452-9727
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Midwest Living Review

Amanda Glazebrook
The decor is unfussy, the atmosphere cozy, and the wraps absolutely delicious.

From the outside, Thatsa Wrapp looks like it should be a bar: A bright red awning protects the door, a few tables and chairs dot the patio area, and neon signs hang in the front windows. But inside, while it has a bar layout (long and narrow with a counter along one wall and small tables hugging the other), the decor is bright and cheerful. Colorful, jazz-theme paintings and prints decorate the walls, and pieces of spiky acoustic foam panels accompany them. It has a spare-but-cool vibe. 

The menu, however, is the opposite: Lush and packed with fun flavors, including warm grilled wraps and quesadillas. Loaded salads, stuffed-to-overflowing wraps and simple sides lined the menu. The Cardiac Cure, with grilled zucchini, squash, portobello mushrooms, red onions, red peppers and Parmesan cheese was amazing. The veggies had a from-the-grill char and were still tender-crisp. It seemd like the whole package was grilled, too, giving the wrap itself a crispness. Other options included the Flagrant Fowl–grilled chicken with buffalo sauce, cheddar, tomato, lettuce and a house-made ranch dressing—a Reuben wrap, a Cobb salad and the Flyin’ Hawaiian, a chicken salad with pineapple and walnuts served over mixed greens. Salads run $6.95 to $7.95. Wraps are $5-$6 for just a wrap; add $1 to make it a platter, which comes with crispy house chips (thin-sliced potatoes, fried and well salted–delicious!) and dip, or house potato salad. 

For beverages, the standard array of sodas is available as well as a stunning array of beers (but no wine or liquor). Behind the bar, a pyramid of 30 or so bottles constitutes the beer menu, and all appeared to be regional craft brews. Beer lovers will have a field day, and pared with a warm wrap, we can't imagine a better casual meal. 


August 11, 2012

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