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Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Self-Guided Tours

Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival
25 W. Jefferson St.
Jefferson  Ohio  44047
United States
(440) 576-3769
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Midwest Living Review

Amber Matheson
A modern-day treasure hunt for adults, touring Ashtabula County's covered bridges provides an alluring alternative to area wineries.

Rogue clouds hover above the rolling hills on a rainy fall day in Ashtabula County, and the fields and forests of the area are a watercolor blur through the windshield. The county’s 20 wineries beckon with welcoming fireplaces and crisp glasses of Chardonnay, but a leisurely drive down middle-of-nowhere dirt roads offers equally appealing glimpses of the area's iconic covered bridges. When the historic structures pop into sight, they're visions of beauty—bright yellow or faded gray or brown—rooted in their surroundings. Poised over streams and rivers, the rustic bridges become the unknowing focus of beautiful portraits waiting to be admired. Eighteen covered bridges punctuate Ashtabula County, including the longest and the shortest in the nation, and visitors can see them all on two self-guided driving tours. 

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