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Annual Winter Hike at Mohican State Park

Mohican State Park
3116 State Route 3
Loudonville  Ohio  44842
United States
(419) 994-5125 x10
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    - Sarah Routh
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    - Sarah Routh

Midwest Living Review

Sarah Routh
This free winter hike is a unique opportunity to explore the park with the help an experienced guide.

The Mohican Trails Club sponsors this popular annual winter hike on the Sunday following WinterFest. Club volunteers, all seasoned hikers, lead visitors on their choice of a 5K or 10K loop. While the trails are considered moderate or difficult, they're actually accessible to both experienced and casual hikers. We were shocked to see that approximately 55 people showed up. There is also a naturalist-led family hike that covers far less ground while still offering young visitors details about the winter habitat. All hikes depart from the Class A campground commissary (about 3/4 of a mile inside the State-3 entrance). Plan on spending 1 to 1-1/2 hours on the 5K hike, 2-1/2 hours on the 10K and less than an hour on the family hike. If these don't fit your time frame, you can easily break off and explore the trails on your own. If you do that, you should tell your guide and check-in with the volunteers at the commissary when you return, so you don't have worried rangers looking for you. It's cold, really cold, in the winter woods. While cold-weather comfortable clothing is a must, you don't really need specialty hiking gear. Bring something to cover your face for the windy areas. Slippery downhill sections call for waterproof boots with tread. We didn't bring them, but if you own poles, this is the perfect occasion to use them. And if you feel comfortable carrying your camera, bring it. The winter views of the park can be stunning; everything looks artier covered in snow. In some ways, we saw more signs of wildlife on the winter hike than we would during the warm months. (Snow is the perfect canvas for lots of animal tracks.) Even if you aren't a birder, seeing blue herons, hawks and woodpeckers makes you feel like you're getting a secret peek at the park. And without the summer foliage, the views are distinctly different (and clearer) than they are in the summer. The Trails Club offers hikers hot soup, cookies, cocoa and coffee after the hike. The refreshments are complimentary but donations are accepted. These are strictly cafeteria-style dishes, but it's the thought, not the taste, that counts.

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