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Don Drumm Studios and Gallery

437 Crouse St.
Akron  Ohio  44311
United States
(330) 253-6268
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    - Amber Matheson
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    - Amber Matheson
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    - Amber Matheson

Midwest Living Review

Amber Matheson
Sculptures, pottery, metalwork and paintings fill Don Drumm Studios and Gallery --floor to ceiling, doorway to stairway, and every space in between.

How do you know you've arrived at Don Drumm Studios and Gallery? Just when you think you're lost, you're there. The GPS leads to a quiet neighborhood just south of the University of Akron, where metalsmith Don Drumm has spent 40 years creating a mini Utopia. Brightly colored houses play host to a warren of showrooms and studios featuring the work of local and national artists. Eight houses make up the compound: In addition to the Don Drumm gallery space, A Different Drummer -- where you'll find imports and textiles -- resides in the house next door, and a studio space takes up residence in a house across the street. Drumm's foundry is behind the main gallery. Wander into the maze of rooms and nooks, and you might not ever make it out again. Every inch of the gallery is packed floor to ceiling with artwork. Pottery and art glass jostle for space with Drumm's signature cast aluminum servingware. The gallery represents more than 500 artists, and with so much to display, it even tumbles out into three quiet courtyards. Chaos reins, but once we gave up trying to make sense of it and just started exploring, we found there's a lot to love at this beloved Akron institution.

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