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Tower Travel Cafe and Bakery

101 Maiden Ln.
Tower City  North Dakota  58071
United States
(701) 749-6000
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor

Midwest Living Review

Beth Schatz Kaylor
For big helpings of home cookin' in the middle of the sparse plains of the Red River Valley, turn off Interstate-94 at Tower City (Exit 307) and enjoy a slice of homemade apple pie.

Most people pass by Tower Travel Cafe and Bakery at 70 mph without a thought to the wonders that could be waiting at the Cenex station sitting about 30 miles west of Fargo off Interstate-94. What a pity, since this cafe just off Exit 307 is one of the few places in rural North Dakota still making pie crust from scratch and serving up big helpings of home cookin' to travelers. If you want to stop at this cafe, two words of advice: Don't blink. There are no signs forewarning you that Tower City or the cafe is coming up. The only sign is a big green highway sign announcing Tower City with an arrow right before the exit -- it comes up quick. Once you get off the exit, however, you can't miss the Cenex station to your right with the Bakery sign on the side of the building. Once inside steer yourself toward the rotating display of heavenly looking homemade pies. The cafe has a full breakfast and dinner menu; however, it is best known for its bakery, most specifically for its pies. Made fresh every morning, these pies put the "fill" in filling, packed full until they're in danger of spilling over the top. The pie menu changes daily; the overly sweet sour cream raisin is their best-seller, but we recommend trying the apple instead, and order it warmed and a la mode. This pie may not be the best slice you've ever had, but it'll certainly be one of the best you can find at a humble gas station in a tiny North Dakota town.

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