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Post Office Cafe

604 9th St., NW
Cooperstown  North Dakota  58425
United States
(701) 797-3545
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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Beth Schatz Kaylor
The bright, modern interior at the Post Office Cafe brings an urban flavor to the small community of Cooperstown.

The Post Office Cafe in Cooperstown doesn't look like much from the outside. However, walking inside, you'll discover this is a nice little dinner spot in a rural North Dakota town. Chartreuse walls, cork floors and high ceilings create a bright and modern atmosphere. The menu is fairly standard, with lots of sandwiches, a couple pastas, steak and chicken. There are some pleasant surprises, though, with lahvosh (a crackery pizzalike appetizer, $13.99), bacon-wrapped shrimp ($11.99) and a salad bar ($7.99). During our visit, the shrimp were overcooked, but the restaurant gets points for trying something unique and serving them with brown sugar butter. The Smokehouse Chicken Melt sandwich with sweet potato fries ($8.99) was flavorful with good texture contrasts (oozing cheese, chewy meat, crunchy toasted bread). The chicken breast with sauteed onions, red peppers and portabella mushrooms entree ($9.99) included a bland piece of chicken, but the sauteed veggies were wonderful with big, thick slices of red pepper and portabella. Even if the food isn't mind-blowingly good, we enjoyed ourselves. The Post Office provides topnotch service and a nice break from the usual small-town choices.

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