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Mystical Horizons

Hwy. 43
Bottineau  North Dakota  58318
United States
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    - Trevor Meers
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    - Trevor Meers
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    - Trevor Meers

Midwest Living Review

Trevor Meers
North Dakota's own version of Stonehenge tracks the heavens and provides endless views of the Great American Prairie.

The nickname “Stonehenge on the Prairie” says it all about this recently installed piece of artwork standing in the Turtle Mountains and overlooking the endless prairie beyond. Local engineer Jack Olson (retired from a career at Boeing) envisioned this installation of stone-and-cement obelisks arrayed around a clearing in the forest. Locals made the design reality along the Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway after Olson’s death. On any given day, a sighting tube helps you find the North Star, and a sundial lets you track the hours with the sun’s movement. And as with any good Stonehenge descendent, Mystical Horizons has ties to the solstices and equinoxes, with the structure aligning in special ways with these astronomical events. The site is a quick visit for most folks, but those inclined to reflecting on long views, time’s passage and ancient ways of tracking it will find plenty to ponder in a quiet stop here.

July 17, 2013

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