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Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music

425 4th St.
Medora  North Dakota  58645
United States
(701) 623-4345
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    - Kendra Williams
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    - Kendra Williams

Midwest Living Review

Kendra L. Williams
Even if you've never read a lick of Western lore, the amazing array of titles in this sprawling shop will pique your curiosity and prompt you to buy.

So you've never read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee." You don't really know anything about the battle at Little Big Horn. You know about "Little House on the Prairie," but you never realized there are a series of books about prostitutes of the Old West. Welcome to Western Edge, an independently owned Western books superstore that is a destination for readers who love the genre and a wonderful discovery for the rest of us. You could spend an hour here shuffling across the hardwood floors among the stacks and not take it all in. We especially love the section dedicated to women's roles in the Old West, offering up meticulous diaries of pioneer women and researched tomes of lawless businesswomen. You'll find plenty of books, plus CDs, note cards and framed prints, maps and photographs that also tell the story of the Old West.

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