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Two-Day Getaway in Medora, North Dakota

The Little Missouri River, Theodore Roosevelt National Park and cowboy-themed, squeaky-clean Medora Musical promise plenty of fun.
Interpreters drive a stagecoach near Chateau de Mores State Historic Site.
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Theodore's Dining Room at the Rough Riders Hotel.
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Bully Pulpit Golf Course.
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Medora Musical.
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Maah Daay Hey Trail.
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Day 1

Exhibits honor the roles of horses, trail drivers and rodeo stars at the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame in the Center of Western Heritage and Cultures.

Even if you never thought to read a lick of Western lore before, the array of titles at Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music might pique your curiosity.

The Chuckwagon Western Buffet tempts everyone in the family at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Head into Theodore Roosevelt National Park for a 36-mile scenic drive revealing bison and wild mustangs.

More than 100 miles of trails spread through the park’s North and South units. Want to tour them on horseback? Arrange for a mount at Peaceful Valley Ranch.

Fine dining meets Western chic at Theodore’s Dining Room inside Rough Riders Hotel. The ribeye rests on a bed of crispy fried shoestring onions and is prelude to a sweet stay in rooms with Victorian oak armoires, red velvet furniture and pillow-top beds (from $189).

Day 2

Old-school diner food rewards patrons willing to wait for a table at busy Cowboy Cafe.

Across the street from the hotel, Cedar Canyon Spa soothes with the Cowboy Classic scalp massage (30 minutes of conditioning for your hair), hydrotherapies and body treatments.

Badlands provide the backdrop for a challenging 18 holes at Bully Pulpit Golf Course.

Tours of the 1880s Chateau de Mores State Historic Site cover the history of the aristocratic French couple who settled the town.

At dinnertime, “cowboy cooks” at the Pitchfork Steak Fondue impale steaks 10 at a time and plunge them into 400-degree oil. Load your plate with all the fixings and eat as you watch the sun set.

More information: Medora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (800) 633-6721;

Night Out

The Medora Musical is a roughly two-hour production of patriotic songs, country tunes, gospel music and dancing that celebrates the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt. Tap your toes along with the rest of the audience on summer evenings (June 6–September 6, 2014) in the Burning Hills Amphitheatre. (800) 633-6721;

Bring the Kids

Enchanted Highway Seven regionally inspired sculptures tower along a 30-mile stretch between Interstate-94 and Regent, off Exit 72 (40 miles east of the national park). Figures crafted from scrap metal, oil-well pipes and tanks include grasshoppers, people and fish; most stand over 40 feet tall. (701) 563-6400

Bucket List

Maah Daah Hey Trail  This 100-plus-mile mountain-bike trail packs in challenging climbs and thrilling downhills. Beginners can enjoy guided treks on rented rides through Dakota Cyclery in Medora.

Bison watch A herd of more than 30 bison inhabits a grassy landscape in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, making it easier to spot the shaggy beasts there than in the more dramatic South Unit. (800) 633-6721;






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