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402 Broadway N.
Fargo  North Dakota  58102
United States
(701) 232-3123
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Midwest Living Review

Ann Arbor Miller
Established in 1996, this locally owned restaurant offers visitors to downtown Fargo an abundance of Mexican fare in an urban oasis.

Mexican restaurants open and close with some frequency in Fargo. Yet, Juano's, with its understated decor and consistently tasty burritos, has staying power (despite its less-than-stellar service). In recent years, Juano's expanded to four additional locations -- all of which are great choices for a quick lunch but not appropriate for a quiet dinner among friends. Located in a former diner, the downtown Fargo location offers a complete dining experience best suited for couples and small groups. Kids are welcome, but it isn't an ideal environment. Complimentary chips and salsa (pico and ranchero) flow freely. Don't hesitate to ask for seconds or thirds. A variety of wines ($14-$20), beer by the bottle ($5) and margaritas ($6) are available. For starters, avoid the Mexican Sampler ($14.95) featuring cheese-coated chips, beef and chicken taquitos and cheese quesadillas, all of which are better suited for a bar menu. Instead, try Juano's Latin Quesadilla ($9.95) featuring black beans, grilled vegetables and feta cheese. Any item that includes the grilled vegetables -- a medley of potatoes, onion, peppers and carrots -- consistently earns high marks in our book. Prepare yourself for a bit of multiple choice dining because most entrees ($8.95 to $21) come with a series of options. Choose your meat (grilled steak or chicken, seafood, roast pork, shredded beef or chicken, ground beef and more). Choose your bean (black or pinto). Choose your sauce (ranchero, tomatillo or chipotle). The meals are, overall, tasty. However, it's unfortunate that the restaurant fails to deliver a complete fine-dining experience. Fresh flowers and candles on each and every table don't make up for dated bathrooms, spotty service (we actually got up to find a server to request a box for leftovers) and so-so desserts.

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