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Babb's Coffee House

604 Main Ave.
Fargo  North Dakota  58103
United States
(701) 271-0222

Midwest Living Review

Hannah Agran
This Seattle-style coffee house is as cozy as it is cool.

Babb's Coffee House makes no secret about its inspiration. The cafe boasts freshly roasted beans flown in weekly from Seattle, and the iconic Space Needle graces the shop's business cards and logo.

Despite the Seattle lovefest, this homey coffee shop actually has a distinctly local feel. It's housed in a sun-drenched corner in downtown Jamestown, with another location in downtown Fargo. Large tables make this a great gathering spot for local clubs and groups, as well as students from Jamestown College, but cozy couches encourage simple lingering with a good book. The basic sandwiches, cookies and other pastries aren't worth a special trip, but the setting makes Babb's a welcome jolt of caffeinated cool out on the plains. Most coffee drinks run $3 to $5.

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