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Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway

72 East Museum Drive
Dickinson  North Dakota  58601
United States
(701) 483-4988
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor

Midwest Living Review

Beth Schatz Kaylor
It takes some determination and patience to take the road less traveled, but the pretty views and welcoming small-town folks in the communities along Old Red Old Ten scenic byway can make taking the scenic route worth the trip.

Before construction on Interstate 94 started in 1958, when North Dakotans wanted to travel east or west, they took Highway 10, then known as the Old Red Trail. The name Old Red Old Ten commemorates these names and now with the designation as a scenic byway, communities along the route have gathered together to promote the Trail and welcome visitors.The Trail is a 108-mile stretch of two-lane highway that begins in Mandan and continues through Dickinson, basically hugging Interstate 94, but rolling at 55 mph rather than the Interstate's 75 mph speed limit. Although it is mostly paved, there are some gravel sections on the road. Views along the Trail include rolling hills of prairie, farmsteads, cows grazing, and the occasional prairie church. Old Red Old Ten "Talking Trail" signage along the route indicates points of interest. Visitors dial a phone number on the sign and listen to a recording with more information about that location. Nearly all the small communities along the route have a caf, a bar, a church, and some quirky thing they call their own, such as New Salem's "World's Largest Holstein Cow" in top of the hill or the "haunted" church in Sims, north of Almont. Regardless of where you stop, the people of the communities are always happy to stop and chat with those select people that take the road less traveled and drive Old Red Old Ten.

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