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The Woodhouse

1825 N. 13th St.
Bismarck  North Dakota  58501
United States
(701) 255-3654
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor

Midwest Living Review

Beth Schatz Kaylor
The World's Best Burger? Maybe not. But The Woodhouse certainly makes one of the best burgers you'll find in Bismarck.

It's hard to miss The Woodhouse; just look for the giant sign reading Home of the World's Best Burgers on the side of the restaurant. That's a pretty bold claim, but with 100 percent Dakota beef ground fresh daily, it is certainly one of the best burgers you'll find in Bismarck. When you arrive in the wood-paneled restaurant, seat yourself and check out the menu posted inside each booth. Don't bother ordering a salad here -- you'll just get a plate of iceberg lettuce (and they'll charge you $3.29). Instead, consider one of those heralded burgers. When you're ready, pick up the phone at your booth to place your order. We tried the buffalo burger ($4.80). It was delicious, even if the texture was a bit leaner and drier than your standard beef burger. When the burger arrived, we could tell that it wasn't mechanically pattied into a perfect symmetrical circle -- it looked handmade, and the meat was a little looser, not compacted into a tight 1/4-inch fast-food burger. The patty was also seasoned for a peppery flavor. Fixings are limited, basically pickle chips and onions, although you can request a "deluxe" burger for an extra 65 cents and they'll add lettuce, tomato and dressing. We recommend the burger platter for $7.50; the burger is a no-fuss, no-muss classic on a toasted bun, and the homemade onion rings are a sight to behold. A chocolate malt ($4.29) is the perfect accompaniment for your retro-dining experience. Looking for something lighter? Order half a sandwich with homemade soup for under $5. All in all, this Bismarck institution a great find.

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