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1103 E. Front Ave.
Bismarck  North Dakota  58504
United States
(701) 224-8800
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor
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    - Beth Schatz Kaylor

Midwest Living Review

Beth Schatz Kaylor
For the best burger in North Dakota, look no further than the Bistro in Bismarck. Their 10-ounce classic burger is, well, a 10.

Sure, the Bistro in Bismarck doesn't have the best location. It's a nice brick building that just happens to be located next to an empty lot south of the railroad tracks where they store refrigerated semitrailers for Land O' Lakes dairy. It also sits on the edge of an older residential neighborhood that has seen better days. However, you know why you're at the Bistro the moment you get out of your car: The parking lot is infused with the distinct aroma of something cooking, perhaps emanating from their wood-fired oven. And the classy restaurant is worth the visit, especially if you are craving burgers. The Classic Bistro Wood-Fired Burger is superb. The very appearance of this burger when it arrives to the table signals that this is something special. This behemoth burger arrives in picture-perfect form, wrapped in parchment paper with just enough of an edge poking out that you can bite into immediately. The thick-sliced bacon and cheese peeks out, too, along with the obligatory red onion, lettuce and tomato. This burger is all about the meat: a thick, juicy, hot-off-the-grill, flame-grilled burger. One bite and burger juice is already dribbling down your chin. The only downside: It's hard to get your mouth around the beast to take a bite. Thick-cut fries, which are a little more natural and potato-y than your usual fast-food type, come with the burger. In a nod to both elegance and economy, a small cup of ketchup accompanies the plate, rather than a big bottle of Heinz on the table.

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