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Omaha Fairmont Antiques and Mercantile

1209 Jackson St.
Omaha  Nebraska  68102
United States
(402) 346-9746
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Midwest Living Review

Lisa Meyers McClintick
Nostalgic candy and antiques combine to make this former dairy building a whimsical must-stop shop.

You can lose track of the sights that trigger smiles in this maze of a place. It playfully tosses together a candy store, soda fountain, pop-culture emporium and antiques galore.

Enter through the side door, and you’ll pass a John Wayne cutout on the way to the soda fountain, loaded with ice cream sodas, malts and snacks. Red booths line a wall creatively decorated with hundreds of old pens. In the back, a collection of plastic pinball games cover the wall while a vintage vehicle’s hood overflows with retired drive-in movie speakers. Around the corner, Pez characters take over and lead toward Hollywood Candy counters with unusual licorice, bubble gum, bins of rock candy, and even scorpion suckers and "toasted grasshoppers."

Go past a cutout of Seinfeld’s Kramer in a glass phone booth before you grab a retro soda. They’re perfect for a picnic or watching a Huskers game; flavors include huckleberry, birch beer, honey lemonade and grapefruit kiss.

Head into the antiques, which includes more than 25 antique stalls, and you’ll also find a mini movie theater that can be become an instant stage. Facebook fans of the store once had a one-hour heads-up for an impromptu concert by musician Jack White.

It’s that kind of quirky place, full of surprises around each corner.

September 13, 2012

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