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Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream

1120 Jackson St.
Omaha  Nebraska  68102
United States
(402) 341-5827
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    - Lisa Meyers McClintick
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Lisa Meyers McClintick
Creative, fresh-daily flavors of super-premium ice cream—think savory bacon blends or sweet apple cider sorbet—make this a favorite destination for more than 25 years.

Even without crazy-good ice cream, it would be worth frequent visits just to see what the flavor gods have cranked out. Every one of the dozen-plus flavors are made fresh daily using old-fashioned rock salt and ice to turn creamy milk into frozen deliciousness.

The most unusual flavors on the board during our fall visit included sweetly spiced zucchini bread and salty Susie, a blend of vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreos and salted butterscotch. We also sampled root beer reminiscent of the froth on an iced mug of A&W. Daily choices usually include a dozen ice creams, two frozen yogurts and a sorbets. We thought the sake sorbet was so-so, but would happily go back for blood orange, Key lime or apple cider sorbets. All in all, they’ve created about 700 combinations. Among the most unusual ones: Durian, made with notoriously pungent southeast Asian fruit; bacon ice cream, which was a hog-wild hit; and Lenten fish fry, which blended cake batter ice cream with Swedish fish and Captain Crunch cereal. The chance to try edgy flavors draws many customers, but you'll also find those who are loyal to the pure bold flavors of vanilla or Dutch chocolate, each made with cream, eggs, sugar and Madagascar vanilla.

The business opened in 1986 and occupies an airy, nicely renovated corner auto garage in Old Market. Give yourself time to try a few samples. When the flavors change daily, you don’t want to miss discovering your new favorite. Our suggestion: Grab a friend, choose a four-flavor sampler, and share.

September 14, 2012

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