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Taqueria Tijuana

5139 S. 24th St.
Omaha  Nebraska  68108
United States
(402) 731-1281
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Midwest Living Review

Tina King
Tasty, authentic Mexican dishes and a bright, cheery atmosphere make this Omaha restaurant a winner.

The generous portions and authentic Mexican flavors served up at Taqueria Tijuana make it a great stop for a quick and inexpensive meal. You'll find tacos, gorditas, sopes, tortas and burritos here. The restaurant is located at the southern end of Omaha's seven-block Latino commercial district on 24th Street. It's a vibrant area, and we enjoyed being immersed in the sights, sounds and flavors of the community. We also really enjoyed Taqueria Tijuana's steak and cheese sopes. Our meal was served with a side of radishes, limes and peppers, as well as salsa. If you like the "heat", then you'll like these peppers. Cool things down with Mexican sodas or Cokes bottled in glass. The restaurant is cheery and welcoming, with bright golden walls and plenty of seating for families to spread out. You might face a small language barrier with the Spanish-speaking servers, but when talking about good food, it's pretty easy to figure things out. Make sure to bring cash, because debit and credit cards aren't accepted.

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