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Railcar Modern American Kitchen

1814 N. 144th St.
Omaha  Nebraska  68154
United States
(402) 493-4743
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Theresa Farrage
With all the panache of dining aboard a luxurious passenger train, this restaurant serves classic cuisine that blends culture and comfort with a contemporary twist.

The prompt service, wholesome cuisine and train-themed ambiance at Railcar Modern American Kitchen all make for a stand-out dining experience. As soon as customers step inside, train memorabilia and artwork set the tone for an elegant, once-upon-a-time dining experience.

Railcar presents an expansive menu that re-creates the kind of dining first-class passengers might have enjoyed during long journeys riding the rails. Parties of six or more can choose from the club-level starters, greens, entrees and sides (lunches for $16 or $26 per person, dinners for $26 or $36 per person). No worries if your group is smaller; there are plenty of delicious appetizer, entree and sandwich options in the range of $8 to $27. Everything is prepared fresh and ingredients are often sourced from local producers.

The Scottish organic salmon with Washington State Pinot Noir vinaigrette and cauliflower hash ($18) we ordered tasted just-caught fresh. A Woodford Reserve tenderloin medallions special with brown buttermashed potatoes ($19) was outstanding, as was the Stilton burger ($11) prepared with local ground beef, blue cheese, applewood bacon, Creole mustard and house pickles on a toasted pretzel bun. 

June 21, 2013

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