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International Bakery, Inc.

5106 S. 24th St.
Omaha  Nebraska  68107
United States
(402) 731-0988
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    - Tina King
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    - Tina King

Midwest Living Review

Tina King
This popular Latino bakery offers dozens of inexpensive pastries with fun colors, textures and shapes.

Deciding which of the dozens of colorful Latino baked goods you want to try first at the International Bakery can be tricky. Puff pastry, elephant ears, jelly rolls, yoyos you could spend more time choosing than eating! The bakery is an anchor on South 24th Street, Omaha's primarily Latino commercial district. Tiers of snow-white frosted cakes in the windows beckon customers inside; indeed, the popular bakery is busy all day, every day. Inside, customers pass by the cases with the self-serve trays and tongs that are ubiquitous at bakeries in Central America. And the flavor is authentic, too, which means visitors accustomed to American bakery treats might be disappointed when they bite in. Baked goods in Mexico and other Latin countries tend to be more dense and dry; they're meant to be washed down with a cup of coffee, not eaten as a luscious treat on their own. Rather than eat on the street, we recommend taking a sack of pastries home to try with coffee. The prices are crazy inexpensive --we paid less than $5 for 11 items -- so you can buy a bunch to sample and figure out which ones you like best.

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