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Blue Planet Natural Grill

6307 Center St., Suite 101
Omaha  Nebraska  68106
United States
(402) 218-4555
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    - Trevor Meers
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    - Trevor Meers

Midwest Living Review

Diners looking for the healthiest and tastiest fast food around stop in at Blue Planet.

Don't let its strip-mall location and minimalist interior fool you. Blue Planet Natural Grill is truly a great choice for a healthy, tasty meal in a green setting. Everything created within these walls is organic or low-carb, features minimal preservatives and isn't loaded with hormones and antibiotics. The carry-out containers are biodegradable, and the kitchen is uber-energy efficient. The restaurant offers mainly lunch/dinner items--soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, pizza--at moderate prices (everything's under $10). In addition to a coffee and smoothie bar, there are a few items on the menu for breakfast, but it's nothing extensive. The food is fresh, flavorful and plentiful. And although the restaurant has items featuring ingredients like tofu and edamame, your order can be as granola-crunching or traditional as you want. The Southwest Burger, for example, is topped with a fairly straightforward black-bean adobo, low-sodium bacon, avocado and natural pepperjack cheese. But the burger itself can be crafted from Angus beef, turkey, black beans or veggies.

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