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High Society Cheesecake

5600 S. 48th St.
Lincoln  Nebraska  68516
United States
(402) 328-2343
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    - Kendra Williams

Midwest Living Review

The cheesecake is good and the soup is even better at this lunch spot on Lincoln's outskirts.

With a name like High Society, you expect some special touches when you stop in for a creamy indulgence. But what you get is a bit of a mixed bag. Opened in 2006 after a failed bid to win Pillsbury's annual bakeoff contest, High Society Cheesecake stands in a little shopping center about 20 minutes southeast of downtown Lincoln. It's a simpleplace with just a handful of round-top tables, but the place is nice and bright, thanks to big plate-glass windows facing the parking lot. But what really catches your eye is the ginormous cheesecake menu, with two dozen varieties written in colorful chalk ($3.15 to $3.65 a slice). As soon as you see the sign, you start dreaming of flavors, thinking, "What am I in the mood for today?" The refrigerated case next to the register snaps you back to reality, when you realize that roughly only five or six varieties are available, and, inevitably, none of the ones we'd briefly dreamed about were there. So we ordered the soup of the day, an amazing corn chowder made with a chicken stock base spiked with cream and chili powder. We also tried half of an Italian sandwich made with capicola, salami and buffalo mozzarella on a pretzel roll. You wouldn't mistake it for something served in an Italian neighborhood, but the ingredients were fresh, and the flavors were balanced. The cheesecake, a chocolate concoction, was smooth and creamy. But our server brought it to us still packaged in a plastic slice-shape container, along with a plastic fork. That's fine for people taking it to go, but if you see customers staying to eat, offer it on a plate with silverware. This is, after all, called High Society. High Society is open for lunch only and closed on Saturdays.

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