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Weston Tobacco Company

617 Thomas Street
Weston  Missouri  64098
United States
(816) 386-4086

Midwest Living Review

Lisa Waterman Gray
This unusual shop offers premium cigars and every accessory, plus an opportunity to watch a true craftsman at work.

Located about half a block off Main Street, Weston Tobacco Company occupies a historic building decorated with salmon and olive paint. Loads of flowering potted plants created a lush and inviting entrance. Polished wood plank floors and antique exposed brick walls created a warm and welcoming environment, inside, where Corey Frisbee has hand rolled cigars since 2010. Wearing a weathered leather Panama hat and jeans, he worked at a vintage desk where a pile of dried tobacco leaves sat. Frisbee talked to customers while rolling with a practiced hand, beside a much larger mound of tobacco leaves on the floor, which flanked his studded leather chair. Frisbee's tobacco comes from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and other far-flung locales. Atop a tall display case, large glass jars held several varieties of his hand-rolled creations, including Connecticut Shade and Maduros. But Frisbee doesn't restrict his inventory to hand-rolled smokes. He also displayed box after box of imported cigars, in a floor-to-ceiling cabinet, and dozens of handcrafted smoking pipes. Leather pipe rests and palm-filling $50 lighters made from metal and wood inlay were other accessories on hand. Cigar lovers who want to savor their hand-rolled purchases immediately can also puff their purchases on-site, in comfortable leather chairs with three televisions available, while Frisbee keeps rolling and chatting with customers.

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