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Sundance Photo Gallery

525 Main
Weston  Missouri  64098
United States
(816) 386-4310

Midwest Living Review

Lisa Waterman Gray
Shutterbugs of all ages will enjoy spending time here, particularly folks who grew up taking film photographs or have a love for vintage images.

Owned by Jim Finley and Mort Reeber, Sundance Photo Gallery has brought together their dual photographic passions under one roof, since 2002. Antique box cameras share space with vintage professional movie cameras and more modern film cameras. They reflect decades of collecting, by Reeber, who bought his first camera in 1945. There are also prints of classic photos taken in Kansas City by legendary photographer, Orville Hixon, from 1915-1930 - with many from the Hotel Baltimore during the 'Roaring '20s.' These reflect Finley's collection of more than 400 glass negatives from the archives of Hixon, who was his great uncle. Finley also displays memorabilia that relates to people who were portrayed in Hixon's photographs. They included a 1910 'Two-in-One' women's bathing suit with tights attached. Designed by Australian professional swimmer, Annette Kellerman, she often receives credit for creating synchronized swimming. There's sheet music on hand, too, used by various performers that Hixon photographed. As the name suggests, wall sun faces collected by Finley also decorate the tiny, crowded shop, from carved metal to a brightly painted Mexican face. Whether you spend 10 minutes or two hours at Sundance Photo Gallery, it's definitely worth a visit.

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