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Stone Ledge Antiques

5606 Locust St.
Augusta  Missouri  63332
United States
(314) 971-1823
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Midwest Living Review

Maria Duryee
Shopping here is like a treasure hunt: There are riches to be found, but it might take some effort on your part.

One of the friendly proprietors at this antiques shop greeted us from a couch in the front room while sifting through new finds. Her hands flew through the inventory as she welcomed us, unable to stop or slow down because there’s simply so much to sort in this 5,000-square-foot shop. Housed in an old general store building called the Uptown Store, the Stone Ledge’s rooms overflow with treasures of every kind—kitchen equipment, table linens, pottery, clothing, games, decorations, coasters, even a life-size horse.

Amid the clutter are artful vignettes like vanity tables adorned with jewelry and hats, a display of wedding veils and gardening items on plant racks. Some finds are easy to spot in these beautiful arrangements, others are a little harder to unearth. Case in point, one room was so piled with stuff, we couldn't even enter it.


August 30, 2012

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