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Hank's Cheesecakes

1063 S. Big Bend Blvd.
Saint Louis  Missouri  63117
United States
(314) 781-0300
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Midwest Living Review

Nina Kult
Although many restaurants in St. Louis buy their cheesecake from Hank's, visiting the shop in person proves disappointing.

Don't expect to find an over-the-top, flashy building or cute cheesecake-theme decor at Hank's Cheesecakes. Instead, Hank's is in an unassuming building in an quiet part of St. Louis, and much like the venue, the cheesecakes here are nothing special. The cheesecakes are crafted in store, and Hank's allows you to eat in, carry out or order in advance. However, if your is heart set on the more unusual flavors, like Amaretto Carmel or Chocolate Rum, don't expect to walk in and purchase one to go. Only 10-12 varieties, out of the nearly 40 different varieties of cheesecakes listed on their website, are actually available in the store on a given day. The cheesecake earns an A for snazzy appearance and originality, but definitely falls short in taste and flavor. Wanting to give this St. Louis standby a fair shake, we sampled a whopping 11 flavors, and found that while some were better than others -- Ibarra Mexican Chocolate, German Chocolate and Apple Strudel were our favorites -- nothing was out of the ordinary or worth a special trip. Subpar service was also a disappointment. While Hank's has clearly made an impression on the local restaurant scene, selling their cheesecakes to more than 60 eateries in the St. Louis area, it's a wonder to us why Hank's is such a favorite.

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