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6602 Delmar Blvd.
Saint Louis  Missouri  63130
United States
(314) 863-6365
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    - Manya Kaczkowski
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    - Manya Kaczkowski
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Manya Kaczkowski
Savory and satisfying, there's nothing like mac & cheese, and now there's a restaurant in St. Louis dedicated to creating upscale twists on the classic dish.

You won't find your mama's mac and cheese at Cheese-ology, a St. Louis eatery concocted by former chemist Bill Courtney. Each of the 15 entrees, although seemingly identical in appearance (all served bubbling hot in baby cast-iron skillets with bright red pot holders), is a carefully crafted creation with layers of savory flavor, and each is satisfyingly different from the others. The Black and Bleu, for example, is filled with tender Cajun blackened steak, plus American and blue cheeses; the Santa Fe is Southwestern-spicy, layered with black beans, corn, chiles, and Chihuahua and Monterey Jack cheeses. We liked the Chicken Cordon Bleu, too, especially the Gruyere cheese/Dijon mustard flavors, although the chicken seemed suspiciously of the processed variety. Best bet? The Mediterranean. It's outstanding: lots of kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes. Plus, it's mozzarella- and goat-cheesy. Once you taste it, you may not want to try any other dish. Prices are in the $7 range for a small portion or $12 for a large. Cheese-ology is on bustling Delmar Boulevard, in the middle of University City (Washington University is nearby). The logo on the door resembles an atom (a la chemistry), but upon closer inspection, it's three noodles surrounded by flying meatballs! Decor is bright and cheerful, with silver tables and punches of bright yellow and orange throughout. You'll order at the counter from the wall-posted menu; food is delivered piping hot to your table in about 10 minutes. There's a short beer and wine list, or you can order milk or soda. A couple of salads are available, but with all that mac and cheese, we can't figure out why anyone would order one!

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