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Cassie's Fragrance Boutique and Scent Bar

316 N. Euclid
Saint Louis  Missouri  63108
United States
(314) 454-1010
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Midwest Living Review

Nina Kult
Be a perfumer for the day at Cassie's, a St. Louis-based fragrance boutique and scent bar that allows customers to blend oils to create a custom fragrance.

In a century-old neighborhood—once home to authors Tennessee Williams, Kate Chopin and T.S. Elliot—is a unique little shop practicing an art that began thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. Located just a few blocks from Forest Park in St. Louis, Cassie's Fragrance Boutique and Scent Bar allows you to choose from more than 150 perfume oils to create a custom fragrance. Pull up a stool and let their knowledgeable scent bartenders, who have perfected the sense of smell, guide you in finding scents that will blend into cohesive fragrances to use alone or with unscented lotions, soaps and oils.

Your experimentation begins with a "sniff test" from little jars of oils with names like woodland amber and orange blossom, jade iris and clove. Once you decide which scents will produce the most satisfying concotion, the scent bartender mixes the various liquids from beakers that line the back wall of the bar, and then presents you with your personalized fragrance, which you can then name. The smallest bottle of customized fragrance is just $12. Choose to make your own perfume, or choose from dozens of designer-inspired fragrance oils like Juicy, Chanel No. 5 and Vera Wang. Serving a diverse customer base, the shop also carries a wide price range of products, from Crabtree and Evelyn lotions and ornate Lampe Berger perfume bottles, to affordable candles, cosmetic bags and gimmicky items, though the real fun is making a perfume. Cassie's is popular for parties and private events where people can come together to mix, blend and create.

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