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Busch Stadium

700 Clark St.
Saint Louis  Missouri  63102
United States
(314) 345-9600
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Jess Hoffert
Busch Stadium is the perfect venue to enjoy America's favorite pastime with all the modern bells and whistles you would expect from any major league park.

Opened in 2006, the "new" Busch Stadium has become one of the premier ballparks in the country, thanks to its prime location in downtown St. Louis and its fun retro-style vibe. The 46,000-seat stadium feels surprisingly intimate, with tiered seating giving everyone a decent view of the field. Large video scoreboards allow everyone to keep track of the lineup, and the well-designed stadium provides equally good views of the Arch and other major downtown buildings. The ballpark features standard concession food like hot dogs as well as not-so-typical fare like fried cannelloni and spicy corn nuggets. Expect to shell out at least $6 for a standard dog and more for anything beyond that. Beers and mixed drinks start around $8. Like any good ballpark, Busch Stadium embraces a family-friendly vibe with fun games that take place on the video boards and on the field. Kids will especially love the fireworks that shoot off after a Cardinals home run. Ticket prices for Cardinals games vary widely from $10 to more than $200. Guided tours of the park are available on nongame days for $10.

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