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St. Charles Borromeo Log Church

401 S. Main St.
Saint Charles  Missouri  63301
United States
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    - Hannah Agran
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    - Hannah Agran

Midwest Living Review

Hannah Agran
This humble, one-room church resembles the tiny chapel where Lewis and Clark prayed before embarking on their journey.

The St. Charles Borromeo Log Church is a thoughtfully built reconstruction of the 1791 chapel where Lewis and Clark worshipped before leaving to explore the Louisiana Purchase. The structure, completed in 2008, was built by volunteers using period tools, authentic materials and historically accurate construction techniques, such as stacking logs vertically rather than horizontally. The architectural details are fascinating: limestone floors, cedar walls, hand-forged hinges. And of course, it's stirring to imagine heroes from our country's past praying here, in such humble surroundings. But the church isn't open regularly, and there isn't really any interpretive information available, which makes it less than ideal as a modern-day attraction. Your best bet to see the interior of the church is to visit in May during the town's Lewis and Clark Heritage Days festival. It's also open occasionally on weekends (just try the door).

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