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Lil' Miss Muffin and Stuff

2480 E. Main St.
Jackson  Missouri  63755
United States
(573) 204-1933
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    - Diana Lambdin Meyer
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    - Diana Lambdin Meyer
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    - Diana Lambdin Meyer

Midwest Living Review

Diana Lambdin Meyer
The gooey cupcakes here are divine, but the housekeeping habits were a turnoff.

This simple, hidden place draws a big crowd and gets rave reviews for the home-style cooking, particularly the cakes, pies, cupcakes and muffins. Nothing on the menu is more than $5 or $6, and the cupcakes, at $3 each, are the best. The shop tucks into a storefront that might have been a larger department store at one time. It doesn't have much of a street presence. There's a small hallway that separates a couple of offices, and everyone shares the restrooms, located down the hall. We were there on a Saturday midday, and it was pretty busy. All of the tables but one were filled, and people stacked up at the small counter just inside the doorway. We ordered a pecan chicken salad sandwich on a croissant and found it plentiful and fresh ($6.50), with a mustard-based dressing and lots of herbs. With a nice glass of iced tea and a big German-chocolate cupcake, we felt comfortably full and satisfied. Although it was a busy weekend day, we were a little grossed-out to see a serving tray of dirty dishes sitting on top of open containers of ice cream in the ice cream case, and a small bucket of dish water and a dirty cloth sitting on the edge of the counter, dripping into the ice cream freezer. We hope that was the result of the lunch rush and not standard business, but it was off-putting. The food here was decent -- and the cupcakes fabulous -- but the housekeeping habits gave us pause. We'd probably return if we were in the area (and a quick look showed improved cleanliness), but it's not a destination.

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