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Shepherd Hills Cutlery

1900 W. Elm St.
Lebanon  Missouri  65536
United States
(417) 532-7000

Midwest Living Review

A run-of-the-mill outlet center redeems itself with its selection of Case knives.

This family-owned factory outlet center is a popular stop for tour busses. We're not sure if it is because there are twice as many women's bathrooms than men's or what. Though they sell Case knives -- great kitchen cutlery, pocket knives and such -- most of the stock consists of tchotchkes like Precious Moments figurines, cedar boxes with hillbilly sayings on them and that sort of thing. It wasn't always this way. Back in the '60s and '70s, walnut bowls were a huge business in this part of Missouri. There were several places that made walnut bowls by hand from the local trees and sold them in stores like this one. This was apparently the largest walnut bowl factory outlet in the state. As the market fell out of walnut bowls in the 1980s, Shepherd Hills got into the factory outlet business.

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