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Captain Ron's Bar and Grill

Lake Road 5-50
Sunrise Beach  Missouri  65079
United States
(573) 374-5852

Midwest Living Review

Captain Ron's is a typical lakeside restaurant until August. Then it's home to The Shootout boat race.

Captain Ron's is about what you'd expect from a pirate-theme restaurant/bar on a lake: Boat accessible, with inside and outside dining, and a volleyball court. The menu is extensive, with everything from wings and pizzas to surf 'n' turf to grilled chicken dinners. However, what sets Captain Ron's apart is the weekly live music, the Thursday-afternoon Kids' Pirate Parties, and... The Shootout. We've had the opportunity to see these races and the boats that come in for it, and they are awesome. According to Captain Ron's, The Shootout is the "largest unsanctioned boat race in the United States." Thousands of people, and boats, gather (for free) to watch the 1-mile race. There's also a related golf tournament, a remote-controlled boats race, a cleanest-boat competition and a run, all of which raise money for local charities. There's even a grand fireworks display to cap it off. Captain Ron's is at the 34 1/2 mile marker of the Osage arm of the Lake of the Ozarks.

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