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Al-habashi Mart

309 Main St.
Kansas City  Missouri  64106
United States
(816) 421-0414
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    - Lisa Waterman Gray

Midwest Living Review

Lisa Waterman Gray
This Middle Eastern grocery store and adjacent restaurant are as authentic as they come.

This family-owned specialty grocery store has delighted City Market customers since 1992, both in the shop and the adjacent Habashi House restaurant, which opened in 2000. The Habashi House menu specializes in authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, including gyros, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, baba ghanoug, tabouli, and more. Tuesday through Friday the restaurant offers delicious daily specials for only $5.99. The symphony of exotic aromas makes it clear that Al-habashi Mart is an international grocery store, with offerings from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, India, and beyond. Nut lovers won't believe the extensive variety--from cashews and pistachios to walnuts and pecans--all fresh and available in bulk. Make your own snack mix with dried cranberries, dates, mango, and pineapple You'll find soft, fresh pita bread made by the local Jerusalem Caf and Bakery, fresh tahini paste, and certified halal foods. Best of all are the dozens of fresh bulk seasonings just outside the market door, many available for only $1/scoop. Habashi House restaurant is only open for lunch and is closed on Sundays. Hours vary with the season, so be sure to check the web site before making a special trip. You can visit the grocery store seven days a week.

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