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H.M.S. Beagle

180 English Landing Dr.
Kansas City  Missouri  64152
United States
(816) 587-9998
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Midwest Living Review

Tina King
Gifts for science lovers are easy to find at this destination-worthy store.

Tall glass lab beakers, Native American artifacts and fossils are just a few of the many science-oriented items for sale at H.M.S. Beagle, a store named for the Royal Navy vessel on which Charles Darwin sailed. If you're into chemistry, geology or astronomy or you just need to buy a gift for someone who is, this is the spot to look. You can find arrowheads for as low as 50 cents or telescopes at upwards of $700. For young scientists, you'll also find science experiment kits and projects from the "MythBusters" crew. If you would rather read about science than conduct experiments, the store also has an abundant book section.

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