Winstead's | Midwest Living
101 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd.
Country Club Plaza
Kansas City  Missouri  64112
United States
(816) 753-2244
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    - Kristin Schmitt
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    - Kristin Schmitt
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    - Kristin Schmitt

Midwest Living Review

Kristin Schmitt
This Kansas City landmark delights generations young and old with 50s-diner fare and ambience.

Winstead's still serves the same classic steakburger in the same classic diner restaurant that it has since it opened its doors on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza in 1940. Burgers, steak fries and a generous menu of timeless soda fountain treats deliver a satisfying meal with playful nostalgia. Although they expanded to the suburbs about 30 years ago, the most authentic experience -- and frankly better food and service quality -- is to be had at the original Country Club Plaza location. Winstead's burgers are thin patties of ground USDA choice steak. They're not char-grilled but are a fair shake better than fast food. Depending on your appetite, choose a single ($2.25), double ($3.35) or triple ($4.05), and choose to top it with the parts of "Everything" (mustard, ketchup, pickle and onion) you like; add mayo or grilled onion at no charge. For nominal fees, pile on cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon. Toppings are fresh and crisp, and the burger arrives hot and juicy. Hearty french-fried potatoes are the perfect compliment, or if you can't decide between those and the crispy onion rings, order a Fifty-Fifty. Each side adds about $2. An order from the soda fountain is practically a must. Even a simple chocolate malt is one to be appreciated; 50s fans will delight in flavors such as butterscotch or a real cherry limeade.

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